Monday, 14 November 2016

Important Aspects of Mobile-First-Index

Mobile-first-index is all set to be rolled out. The main purpose of this important update is to use mobile friendliness as a major ranking signal for both, desktop and mobile, search results. How is this going to work and what will be its impact on the Indianapolis SEO as general? It’s worth mentioning here.

The main difference
With the number of mobile internet users surpassing the desktop internet searchers, it’s pretty justifiable for Google to shift its attention from desktop to mobile internet searches. Hence, mobile version of internet is going to be used as primary search engine index by Google. Search engine index is basically a collection of pages that a search engine crawls through. So far, Google has been crawling through the web traffic generated from desktop browsers, but it’s going to change with the mobile-first-index.

In case a website doesn’t have mobile version
Although it’s better if your website has its mobile version, your site will still be crawled through and indexed if it doesn’t.

Mobile version with less content
A website’s mobile version may have lesser content as compared to its desktop version. It’s surely something that you should worry about. Since Google is now going to primarily focus on mobile versions to index the websites, the mobile version with less content is going to be considered for indexing rather than desktop version with more content. So, make sure that mobile version of your website is synchronized with the desktop version when it comes to the content on every page.

Expandable content
It doesn’t make much difference for desktop versions of websites to have expandable content like accordions, tabs and expandable boxes. But with mobile versions, it really does because having expandable content on mobile websites for better user experience really makes sense.

Complete launching of this update
According to Google, this update is being tested on a few users. However, there are still months left for complete launch. Since Google is testing the rollout from all aspects, they understandably can’t give a date of launch. It means that a small bit of uncertainly is still there whether the things will go well.

Will this Update give a Ranking boost?
According the statements made by Google while implementing mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, the mobile-non-friendly pages are not going to rank well in the search results. This rule is going to be further enforced with this update.

It simply means that Google is preparing itself for a big shift of focus from desktop internet to mobile internet. Right now, mobile friendliness is just a ranking signal. Desktop internet is still the winner so far. With the new update, the primary ranking criteria for a website will be the possession of a mobile version.


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